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8 Ingenious Chrome Extensions That Use AI to Summarize YouTube Clips

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Lars Langenstueck
Lead Editor
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In the vast world of YouTube, finding concise and relevant information can be a challenge. Videos are rich in content, but some are excessively lengthy. When time is of the essence, and you need key takeaways quickly, watching a full-length video isn’t ideal. This is where AI-powered Chrome extensions come into play, condensing YouTube videos into crisp, meaningful summaries. Here are eight standout extensions that are revolutionizing the way we consume video content:

1. Glarity: The Customizable Summarizer

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Glarity is an open-source extension that employs ChatGPT to condense search results and YouTube videos into neat summaries. It’s highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the prompts it sends to ChatGPT, making your summaries as detailed or concise as you prefer. With Glarity, you have control over the information you receive, and it starts working as soon as your video does.

2. YouTube Summary With ChatGPT: Transcript Plus Summary

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YouTube Summary With ChatGPT not only summarizes videos but also provides a full transcript. It’s like having a detailed report card for every video you watch, right at your fingertips. The extension integrates seamlessly with ChatGPT, offering a smooth user experience.

3. Eightify: The Eight-Point Expert

Eightify delivers an eight-point summary of YouTube videos, offering a quick and comprehensive understanding of the content. It’s like having a mini executive summary for every video. Eightify is also multilingual, broadening its accessibility and user base.

4. Upword: The Note-Taker’s Dream

Upword is more than a summarizer—it’s a robust tool for AI note-taking across all websites, YouTube included. It provides detailed summaries that retain the essence of the videos, ensuring that you don’t miss out on critical information while saving time.

5. ChatGPT – Summarize Everything: The All-Rounder

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ChatGPT – Summarize Everything uses ChatGPT to craft a concise summary paragraph, followed by a list of key points. It’s versatile, summarizing not just videos, but articles and other text content too. It’s a multitasking tool that can be a significant asset for researchers and students alike.

6. YouTubeDigest: The Multi-Format Marvel

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YouTubeDigest offers flexibility in how you receive your summaries—choose from bullet points, titled sections, single paragraphs, or full articles. It’s like having a personal editor for your YouTube content, and it even includes a text-to-speech feature for auditory learners.

7. VidSummize: The Chaptered Guide

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VidSummize breaks down video summaries into chapters with bullet points, making it easy to navigate through the key parts of a video. It’s available as a browser extension and a mobile app, making it a versatile choice for people on the go.

8. Rio: The Digital Assistant Beyond YouTube

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Rio is more than a YouTube helper—it’s a digital assistant that aids in writing and reading more efficiently across various platforms, including Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. It’s a comprehensive tool that goes beyond video summarization.

The New Age of Browser Extensions

With advancements in AI, browser extensions have evolved into powerful tools, almost like personal digital assistants. They are no longer just about blocking ads or managing passwords—they are becoming integral to enhancing our online experience. These AI-powered extensions are a testament to the growing capabilities of artificial intelligence in our daily digital interactions.


In a world where information is abundant, and time is precious, these AI-powered Chrome extensions are proving to be invaluable tools. They allow us to consume and understand video content more efficiently, enabling us to make the most of the vast resources available on YouTube.

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